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16 Delicious & Easy Keto Snack Recipes

Are you on the hunt for some delicious & satisfying keto snacks that help keep you on track and knock out hunger when it strikes?

If you are like me then you know having snacks can be the difference between staying on the keto diet or not. Snacks are a great way to curb cravings.

Having a few good keto snack recipes on hand is super important if you want to be successful on the keto diet.

I hope this list has something that you like that you can turn to when hunger strikes. Some of these you can prepare beforehand so you always have something when hunger strikes!

16 Amazingly Delicious Keto Snacks

The best part about these keto snack recipes is that they are low carb and guilt-free. They’ll still help you reach ketosis, and continue to burn fat. Not to mention they taste delicious! Click on the links for the full recipes.

So if its delicious keto snacks you are after, check out these recipes below and tell me what you think in the comments!

Keto Soft Pretzels

Keto Soft Pretzels

Found from Peace Love and Low Carb

Before you went Keto you were probably pretty scared to try to make a soft pretzel at home on your own, but not anymore! This Keto Soft Pretzel recipe by Peace Love and Low Carb is easy, truly low carb, and too good for you to pass up! I promise!

Kale Chips

How to make kale chips

Found from Creative Green Living

Don’t roll your eyes! I know what you’re thinking! You’re thinking, “I went Keto because I was trying to avoid eating like a rabbit!” Hey, hey, now! You don’t want to overlook this surprisingly satisfying snack! I make mine in the oven in small batches on a whim, but I’m excited to try my new dehydrator so I can taste this recipe from Creative Green Living. Her “chips” look much bigger than mine. I think the larger size will turn my favorite snack into an obsession… this could be dangerous folks!

Cheesecake Keto Fat Bomb

cheesecake keto fat bombs

Found from Savory Tooth

Julia at Savory Tooth’s low carb recipes stole my heart this week. Not only did she create a beautiful strawberry cheesecake recipe (above) that will stay within Keto limits, but she also has dozens of other great Keto-friendly recipes on her blog!

Easy Chocolate Fat Bombs With Coconut Oil

Found From Wholesome Yum

These easy, ketogenic chocolate fat bombs with coconut oil, MCT oil, and macadamia nuts taste incredible and are perfect for a low carb, paleo, or ketogenic diet.

Baked Cheddar Parmesan Crisps

Found from Wholesome Yum

These parmesan and cheddar cheese chips have been the perfect low carb snack solution. You need just three ingredients, which you probably already have. And, it takes just a few minutes.

Low Carb Crackers With Almond Flour

Found from Savory Tooth

Reminiscent of homemade cheese chips, these crackers are great for dipping or as a standalone gluten-free and keto-friendly snack.

Cheddar Bacon Biscuits

Found from Pink Fortitude

These biscuits are so quick and easy to make. Perfect for a delicious and filling breakfast to go for your hectic week.

6-Ingredient Veggie Egg Cups

Found From Recipes From A Pantry

These pantry staple 6-Ingredient Veggie Egg Cups! are ready in less than 30 mins and are suitable for Gluten-free and Keto diets.

Bacon-Wrapped Pickles

Found from Dancing Through The Rain

As bacon-wrapped recipes go, these pickle wraps are unbelievably easy to make and super tasty! 

Keto Peanut Butter Fat Bomb

Found from A Sparkle Of Genius

This Keto Peanut Butter Fat Bomb recipe is the perfect fat bomb to get you through your cravings while sticking to your diet. 

Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs

Found from Diabetes Strong

These things are seriously delicious and will stop a chocolate craving dead in its tracks!

Delicious Strawberry Mint Infused Water

Found from Creative Green Living

Yes, this is a snack, perfect for when you are not really hungry but are seeking something. And doing something as simple as add fresh fruit and herbs to infuse water with flavor increases how much you enjoy your water.

Crispy Roasted Okra

Found from Recipes From A Pantry

Crispy Roasted Okra is a divine snacking recipe that is easy to make as well as suitable for Gluten-Free, Vegan, Paleo, Keto, and Whole 30 diets.

Coconut Treats

Found from Renana’s Kitchen

Three ingredients are all you need to whip up this delicious recipe!

Caesar Salad Deviled Eggs

Found from Peace Love and Low Carb

All the delicious flavors of a Caesar salad, but in a deviled egg! A great way to remix an old classic for a low carb option at your next cookout.

Sweet Cinnamon Cloud Bread

Found from Creative Green Living

This delicious cinnamon cloud bread is the answer to your bready keto cravings. I like to eat them as-is with a cup of tea or bulletproof coffee.

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I hope you enjoyed this roundup of low carb and keto snacks! If you did, please share them on Pinterest!

21 Best DIY Coffee Bar Ideas For Your Home

Start your day off the best way possible with a cup of coffee made from one of these amazing coffee bar ideas!

If you are like me, then your day officially doesn’t begin until you have enjoyed your first hot cup of jo!

Coffee is a big part of many people’s daily lives, so why not go the extra mile and make sure you have your very own coffee bar right in your kitchen?

21 Best Coffee Bar Ideas

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A DIY coffee bar in your home can help you entertain family, friends, loved ones. It can serve coffee, tea, and all their variations allowing you to focus on having a good time.

The options when it comes to designing your coffee bar are limitless, and you can tailor anything that fits your needs in terms of space and design.

Below are 10 of the most stunning coffee bar ideas I could find.

Hopefully, you can take some inspiration from these ideas and create your very own coffee station!

“Coffee Bar” Server with Shelves from Artsy Chicks Rule

Awkward Corner Coffee Bar from Try Everything

Colorful Spring Coffee Bar from Atta Girl Says

DIY Coffee Bar Cart from Fresh Mommy Blog

DIY Coffee Station from Making Manzanita

Easy DIY Coffee Bar Station from And Then Home

Farmhouse Lemon Coffee Bar from Savvy Saving Couple

Glass Top Pallet Board Table Coffee Bar from My Repurposed Life

Iced Coffee Bar from I Should Be Mopping The Floor

Industrial Farmhouse Coffee Bar from Little Red Brick House

Kahlua Coffee Float Bar from Home Cooking Memories

Navy & Copper DIY Coffee Bar from The House of Wood

Norwegian Coffee Station from Only Deco Love

Organized Coffee Cabinet with Printable Labels from The Creativity Exchange

Outdated Hutch to Coffee Bar from DIY Beautify

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Bar from Funky Junk Interiors

Repurposed Buffet Coffee Station from My Repurposed Life

Super Storage Coffee Station from Houseful of Handmade

Valentine’s Coffee & Hot Cocoa Bar from I Should Be Mopping The Floor

Vintage Christmas Coffee Bar from I Should Be Mopping The Floor

White Waxed Coffee Bar Makeover from Bless’er House

Was there an idea here that has inspired you to create your very own coffee station?

P.S. If you are a big coffee fan, then check out this article about some of the health benefits of drinking coffee!

Top 5 Essential Oils For Stress & Anxiety

Unfortunately, in the world we live in today, anxiety and stress are simply unavoidable. When stress becomes rampant, our bodies pay the price, and it manifests in all sorts of ways from sleeplessness and irritability to digestive distress and reproductive issues.

Essential Oils For Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety can become the most crippling manifestation of stress of them all.

Anxiety threatens our outlook on life, causing many of us to wake up worrying and tread water throughout the day just to keep ourselves above the surface.

If you suffer from anxiety, you are already aware of how debilitating it can be.

Perhaps you have a generalized anxiety disorder, with an almost constant state of anxiousness. You might have a panic disorder where you experience those moments of feeling like your heart is going to beat right out of your chest.

No matter what form of anxiety you have, there is help out there.

In addition to seeking treatment from a mental health professional, it may also be worth looking to nature. Essential oils are a wonderful tool that could help you calm down when paired with other stress-relief techniques.

5 Best Essential Oils For Stress And Anxiety

Essential oils work differently for everyone, so finding ones that you love is all part of the journey.Tweet It

Lavender Essential Oil

Handcraft Lavender Essential Oil - Huge 4 OZ - 100% Pure & Natural – Premium Therapeutic Grade with Premium Glass Dropper

If you have ever used essential oils or scents for relieving your anxiety, you are probably no stranger to using lavender.

This is a very soothing and relaxing scent often used by people with anxiety, panic, depression, and stress. It can also help with a nervous stomach, tension, and finding inner peace.

Since it is so soothing with a light floral scent, lavender is great used in a multitude of ways.

You can add some drops of lavender oil with a carrier oil to your bath, use a lavender-scented candle while journaling or enjoying your nighttime rituals, or get a lavender soap or lotion made with pure essential oils to use at any time during the day.

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

Majestic Pure Cinnamon Essential Oil, Pure and Natural with Therapeutic Grade, Premium Quality Cinnamon Oil, 4 fl. oz.

Another scent that might be a little more surprising is cinnamon leaf.

This is a type of essential oil that has many different types of health benefits. It can be used if you have anxiety or stress, thanks to its ability to soothe your body and help with exhaustion.

If you find that because of anxiety or other mental health issues, your energy is zapped, this will help reduce fatigue over time.

If you’re not a big fan of cinnamon on its own, try combining it with orange in a diffuser.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Beauty Aura Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil - 4 Oz. Bottle- Aromatherapy Soothing 100% Pure Essential Oil, Undiluted Therapeutic Grade Oils

This is a fun essential oil to say and another one that helps not just with anxiety, but a wide range of other ailments as well.

Ylang-ylang comes from the petals of the ylang-ylang tree, which usually is grown in Indonesia and the Philippines.

It helps by reducing your heartbeat and blood pressure, easing anxious feelings, and even helping with feelings like anger and jealousy.

It is calming and soothing, and perfect to use in the evening after a particularly stressful day.

Rose and Chamomile Essential Oils

Rose - 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil 10ML
Roman Chamomile Essential Oil Ultra-Premium 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade - 10ml By Avíanō Botanicals

Both rose and chamomile essential oils work in similar ways. They are soothing in ways similar to lavender.

You can combine them, use them with other oils, or use one each individually.

These are ideal for the bath and to put in a diffuser since they have a light, airy scent that isn’t too overpowering.

Diffuse stress-busting essential oils at home

You can fill any room in your home with the scent of an oil using a diffuser. I’ve had great luck with ultrasonic cool-air diffusers. Ylang Ylang is always my go-to when I’m feeling stressed.

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10 Mind-Blowing Gifts for Dads Who Love Puzzles

If you are on the lookout for some great puzzle gifts for dads, you’ll love some of the ideas you’ll find on this list.

Whether your dad is a fan of word games, jigsaw puzzles, or three-dimensional brain teasers, you’re sure to find something to challenge every dad!

10 Mind-Blowing Gifts for Puzzle Lovers

Some people are just wild about puzzles. They get great pleasure out of figuring out the latest brain game. They’ve never met a Rubiks Cube they didn’t try to solve.

If your dad is crazy about puzzles, this list of best gifts for puzzle lovers will offer you some truly tempting choices.

You may even have to get some of these for yourself!

One Scary Pencil Puzzle

White Mountain Puzzles Pencil Collage - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

For dads who love jigsaw puzzles, sometimes it can be hard to find puzzles that are challenging enough. But this Pencil puzzle is certain to be challenging enough for the most hard-core puzzle master. It might even be too hard!

This is one of those perfect puzzle gifts for dads who either like the nearly impossible – or have a very good sense of humor. Just don’t be surprised if dad dares you to help him with the puzzle!

Pick one up here!

A Wooden Powder Keg of a Puzzle

Ahyuan Handmade Powder Barrel Wooden Puzzles for Adults an Interlocking 3d Brain Teaser Puzzles for Adults Hidden passage works on a classic mechanical puzzle concept

If you’re looking for challenging and unique puzzle gifts for dads, this 3D Interlocking Wooden Puzzle – the Powder Keg – is a great choice. The lovely and well-crafted puzzle comes in its own gift box and even has a 100% lifetime guarantee.

This is one puzzle gift that will not only challenge dad, but it will also charm him, too. This is for puzzle-loving dads who appreciate quality in every way!

Get one here!

A Beautiful Antique World Map Jigsaw Puzzle

Educa Antique World Map 1000-Piece Puzzle

If your puzzle-loving dad is also a fan of maps, travel, or antiques, he might just love this beautiful 1000-piece Antique World Map Puzzle. This puzzle is seriously classy, with an elegance that will make building it truly pleasurable.

There’s so much gorgeous detail to this puzzle, from the maps themselves to the country flags and symbols, and so much more. This puzzle might even get your dad dreaming about that big trip he always wanted to take.

Get one here!

A Super Cool Metal Puzzle

CAKE Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle _ New 2017 Design _ Level 4 Difficulty Rating

This Cake Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle is completely wonderful. Rated a Level 4 difficulty, it’s sure to present a decent challenge to your puzzle-loving dad.

This little puzzle is small enough to fit in dad’s pocket, making it a gift that dad can enjoy even when he’s at work. This gift might just be the ultimate “fidget spinner” for dads who love puzzles.

Get it here!

20 Wire Brain Teaser Puzzles

LOOBANI Assorted Brain Teasers Metal Wire IQ Puzzles with Plastic Box Package Great Educational Intelligence Toys for Adult Children and Student Expanding Mind 1 Set 20Pcs

For dads who love brain teaser puzzles, this cool box of puzzles might be the perfect gift. This awesome box has 20 little wire puzzles in it, each one with its own unique solution.

If you’re looking for puzzle gifts for dad that might keep him busy for a few hours, this wonderful box is a real treasure!

Get one here!

A Very Tricky Labyrinth Cube

INSIDE3 Vicious0 Labyrinth Cube Level : 10 Out of 12

For a truly unique puzzle, check out this awesome Labyrinth Cube. This is one of those puzzle gifts for dads who seriously love a challenge.

Rated a level 10 in difficulty (with 12 being the hardest), this cute has multiple layers of a labyrinth maze inside that the solver has to move the ball through. The tricky part, though, is that you can’t see inside.

If your dad loves a real puzzle challenge, this cube is an excellent gift!

Get one here!

Make Dad Puzzle Out His Wine Gift

Fun Wine Gifts Game Bottle Puzzle for Wine Lovers Brain Teaser Adults fit with 750 ml

If your dad is as much a fan of wine as he is of puzzles, this super cool brain teaser puzzle will really make him smile. You just fit the puzzle around a nice bottle of wine and give it to dad for the ultimate fun and challenging gift.

Dad will love using his mind to figure his puzzle out, and he’ll love the prize he gets as a reward when he does!

Grab one here!

An Awesome Da Vinci Code Cryptex

Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex Valentine's Day Interesting Creative Romantic Birthday Gifts for Her

Is your dad a fan of the Da Vinci Code movie or book? Many puzzle fans are because there are so many wonderful puzzles in that story. One of the most famous is the cryptex, and this version of that famous cryptex makes a great gift for the puzzle-loving dad in your life.

Dad has to figure out what the password is in order to open this puzzle. Leave it on the default password “ILOVEU” or pick something else that is just perfect for your dad. This might just become his new favorite toy!

Get it here!

A Truly Unique Logic Puzzles Book

Montague Island Mysteries and Other Logic Puzzles

If your dad is a fan of logic problems, this may be one of the best puzzle gifts for dads on the list. Not only is this a book full of logic problems, but they are all related. Reading a bit like a novel, this book follows a group of friends who love murder-mystery games.

Each puzzle dad solves will immerse him more deeply into the story, giving him the pleasure of sleuthing out the clues until he finally solves the case!

Get it here!

For Sudoku-Addicted Dads

Sudoku Puzzle Book: The Ultimate Sudoku Challenge - 1000 Puzzles (Vol. 1)

Sudoku puzzles are all the rage and if dad’s a fan, he’ll love this book. Considered the ultimate Sudoku Challenge, this massive book has 1000 Sudoku puzzles in four different difficulty levels.

Even if your dad is still a beginner, he will love the chance to challenge himself and perfect his skills as he moves through the different levels. Sudoku is great fun for detail-oriented dads who love numbers!

Check it out here!

If your dad loves puzzles, I hope you saw something on this list of gifts for people who love puzzles that is perfect for him. 

Our dads give us so much. Finding a pleasant way to drive him mad for a little while seems only right!

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27 Festive & Fun DIY Christmas Wreaths You’ll Love

Christmas wreaths can be a great way to decorate your home or front porch for Christmas. And Making your own DIY wreath will save you money too.

So if you’re someone who loves crafts, why not try your hand at these DIY Christmas Wreaths this year?

Get in the holiday spirit with these easy DIY wreaths that are not only fun but festive too. So, get ready to make your home stand out and look festive for the holiday.

P.S. Keep these awesome Christmas Decoration Ideas nice and safe by clicking here to quickly & easily save them to your Pinterest!

Festive DIY Christmas Wreaths

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Below I’ve rounded up some gorgeous festive DIY Christmas wreaths for you to try out. Click on the links to be taken to the full tutorial for the wreath.

Faux Fur Antlers

Faux fur and deer antlers give this wreath a luxurious feel.  Plus, the materials are readily available at Michael’s Craft Stores and the dollar store!

From Hometalk

Snowball Wreath

Simple and yet very effective. And, most of the materials came from the Dollar Store.

From Two Junk Chix

Rainbow Wreath

Add a bright splash of color to your home with this cheery Rainbow Wreath.

From Inspired by Charm

Hoop Wreath

Hoop wreaths are super popular right now for their simplicity and unique, contemporary styling.

From Lydi Out Loud

DIY Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath with Succulents

Embroidery hoops and real or faux succulents for a fresh and fun take on the traditional Christmas wreath.

From Better Homes & Gardens

Keepsake Photo Wreath

Display cherished photos in this easy DIY photo wreath!

From Crafting Chicks

Bow Wreath

This Bow Wreath couldn’t get any easier for a super simple style that would look great on any door!

From Design Improvised

Grinch Wreath

Isn’t this wreath just so fun? This Grinch Wreath is made out of supplies from the Dollar Tree!

From Leap Of Faith Crafting

Real Evergreen Christmas Wreath

There are plenty of lovely artificial wreaths that can be bought, but this year why not Make a Real Evergreen Christmas Wreath?

From Tikkido

Candy Cane Wreath DIY

Simple and inexpensive to make, this easy Candy Cane Wreath DIY Tutorial will show you how to add a marvelous touch of whimsy to your holiday decor.

From Ann’s Entitled Life

Handprint Christmas Wreath

If you have young children this Handprint Christmas Wreath would be a great Christmas craft and cute keepsake.

From Messy Little Monster

DIY Christmas Swag

Instead of a wreath, why not try this Decorative Christmas Swag instead, looks just as good but can be completed in well under 30 minutes!

From Gardener’s Path

Christmas Wine Cork Wreath

Have a lot of wine corks around and looking for the right craft to make with them, this Christmas Wine Cork Wreath is it!

From My Turn For Us

Christmas Elf Wreath

You’ve all heard of the elf on this shelf… well, this elf is not so naughty and much more of the nice! This super cool Christmas Elf Wreath is super easy to make too!

From Ann’s Entitled Life

Vintage Christmas Light Wreath

If you are a fan of vintage items, this Vintage Christmas Light Wreath will be right up your alley.

From Craftivity Designs

Holiday Jingle Bell Yarn Wreath

This Pinterest favorite turns chunky yarn into a gorgeous Holiday Yarn Wreath with jingle-bell flowers.

From Chicken Scratch NY

Upcycled Book Page Christmas Wreath

If you’re looking for an almost free project, try this Upcycled Book Page Christmas Wreath and turn something ordinary into something extraordinary!

From Organized 31

DIY Christmas Tree Wreath

Switch out a basic round wreath for a DIY Christmas Tree Wreath, filled with shiny ornaments. an easy project, that adds plenty of glimmer to your home this Christmas.

From Craftivity Designs

Santa Christmas Wreath

This adorable Santa Christmas Wreath is super soft and just begs to be touched and…

Reindeer Christmas Wreath

This awesome Reindeer Christmas Wreath would fit in perfectly with any decor and instantly add a touch of fun.

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Easy, DIY Fleece Wreath

This Easy, DIY Fleece Wreath is cheap to make and so easy, why not get the kids to help!

From Wondermom Wannabe

Winter Wonderland Wreath

This winter wonderland snowflake and tinsel wreath is quick, inexpensive, and super cute

From The Inspiration Vault

Deco Mesh Poinsettia Flower

This Deco Mesh Poinsettia Flower is so easy to make! When you cut the mesh the pieces they don’t have to be perfect, yet the flowers still turn out beautiful.

From Crafts by Amanda

Gingerbread House Gumball Candy Wreath

You’ve got to love this Gingerbread House Gumball Candy Wreath if you love lots of colors!

From DIY Party Mom

Candy Cane Wreath

Candyland/ Sugarplum Fairy inspired decorations candy cane wreath.

From The Inspiration Vault

Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath

Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath made for $6.00.  What a steal!

From P.S. I Love You Crafts

Bicycle Christmas Wreath

You’ll want to check out this tutorial for an easy Bicycle Christmas Wreath made from a bike wheel if only for how unique this idea is!

From Diana Rambles

Which of These Easy + Affordable DIY Christmas Wreaths do you want to try your hand at?

30+ Best Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Christmas

Best Elf On The Shelf Ideas – Totally amaze your kids this year with Elf on the shelf antics galore!

Pull up a chair and check out some of the cutest and best Elf on The Shelf ideas that you totally need to use this year! If you don’t yet have an Elf on the Shelf, after this post you might want to buy one!

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Elf On The Shelf Ideas You Will Love

Below are the 101 Ideas for your Elf on the Shelf this Christmas. These are easy Elf on the Shelf ideas that your kids will love.

As always be sure to scroll all the way to the end so you don’t miss any of the great ideas.

Click here to see all of the ideas

Elf on the Shelf Slime from Little Bins for Little Hands

Elf on the Shelf Christmas Baking from Mom Envy

Elf on the Shelf Cocoa Party from Sweet C’s

Elf Kisses from I Heart Naptime

Lego Ambush from Living Locurto

Toasty Elf from Frugal Coupon Living

Elf plays Scrabble with friends from She Knows

Elf and The Banana Minions from California Unpublished

Elf On The Shelf Promising To Be Good from The Inspiration Edit

Elf impersonates the “Big Guy” from She Knows

Candy Cane Thief Elf from Simplify Create Inspire

Elf On The Shelf Arrives Through A Magic Door from Make Life Lovely

Elf Arriving in a hot air balloon from Busy Kids Happy Mom

Elf plays the guitar from She Knows

Elf On The Shelf Gluing A Book from The Inspiration Edit

Elf in the Silverware Drawer from Busy Kids Happy Mom

Elf On The Shelf Makes Breakfast from Home Stories At Oz

Elf Lifting Weights from Vitamin Ha

Do you wanna build a snowman? from Frugal Coupon Living

Elf Doing Chores from 505 Designs

Taking a Marshmallow Bath from Natalie Wright

Elf on the Shelf Sled from Busy Kids Happy Mom

Elf Brushing His Teeth from A Small Snippet

Making A Fruit Loop Garland from Come Together Kids

Sipping on Syrup from Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Fixing Toys with some Tools from 505 Designs

Elf on a wrecking ball from Just A Little Creativity

A Christmas Elf message from Busy Kids Happy Mom

Skateboarding Elf from Just A Little Creativity

Elf Taking Photos from Vitamin Ha

Rock Band Elf Drumming from Frugal Coupon Living

Elf On The Shelf In A Jar Of Marshmallows from Smart School House

Make sure to follow our Christmas Pinterest board for all the latest Christmas ideas!

20 Crafty Christmas Gifts for Creative Kids

Do you have a crafty kid on your holiday shopping list? The Christmas season is the perfect time to help fuel your child’s creativity by giving them a craft-inspired gift.

From craft supply kits to kid-friendly crafting tools, there are so many options for crafty kids. These 20 crafty Christmas gifts are sure to be a hit with any creative kid on your list.

Arts and Crafts Library

Kid Made Modern Arts And Crafts Library Set - Kid Craft Supplies, Art Projects In A Box

Help your favorite creative kid build up their craft supply collection this Christmas with this all-inclusive arts and crafts library. This big kit comes with everything they’ll need to create tons of fun art projects.

Craft Idea Book

Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts for Kids: 175 Projects for Kids of All Ages to Create, Build, Design, Explore, and Share

Give the gift of creativity this holiday season with this big book of crafts for kids from Martha Stewart. With more than 175 different projects to choose from, this book is sure to keep any creative kid busy for a while.

Sewing Machine

Cool Maker - Sew N' Style Sewing Machine with Pom-Pom Maker Attachment (Edition May Vary)

Help your favorite crafty kid learn how to sew with this simple kid-friendly sewing machine. This easy-to-use sewing machine is the perfect way to introduce sewing to a young child. And with the included fabric, pre-cut projects, patterns, stuffing, ribbon, and a pom pom maker, your child will have everything they’ll need to create tons of amazing crafts with this sewing machine.

Rock Painting Kit

Creativity for Kids Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kit - Arts & Crafts For Kids - Includes Rocks & Waterproof Paint

Rock painting is a fun activity for kids. On top of spending time creating unique works of art, they get to share their designs with the community. After painting the rocks, they can place them around the neighborhood for other kids to find! And with this all-in-one rock painting kit, they’ll have everything they need to make a variety of rock designs.

Jewelry Making Kit

Pop Beads - 500+Pcs DIY Jewelry Making Kit for Toddlers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ,8 Year Old, Kids Pop Snap Beads Set to Make Hairband, Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings and Art & Crafts Creativity Toys for Girls Boys

Jewelry making is a great creative activity for toddlers because it helps them practice their fine motor skills. And when they’re finished creating their own jewelry with this jewelry kit, your favorite crafty toddler will love wearing their designs.

Craft Bucket

Kraftic All in One Jumbo Craft Bucket, Create Over 200 Assorted Craft Projects

With more than 400 pieces inside, your favorite crafty kid can create more than 200 projects with this huge craft bucket. From construction paper to feathers, this big craft kit has a variety of supplies that a kid of any age would love to have on hand during a crafting session.

Clay Kit

Creative Kids Air Dry Clay Modeling Crafts Kit For Children - Super Light Nontoxic - 30 Vibrant Colors & 3 Clay Tools - STEM Educational DIY Molding Set - Easy Instructions - Gift For Boys & Girls 3 +

Modeling clay is a great activity for creative kids. In addition to creating their own imaginative designs with the clay, this fun kit also includes googly eyes, key chain rings, and clay tools, so your favorite creative kid will have everything they need to create a work of art.

Weaving Loom

Made By Me Ultimate Weaving Loom by Horizon Group Usa, Includes Over 360 Craft Loops & 1 Weaving Loom (Amazon Exclusive), Multicolor

From pot holders to pencil cases, the possibilities for creativity are endless with a weaving loom. This fun gift gives your crafty kid a chance to create practical works of art they can use forever.

Coloring Kit

Crayola Super Art Coloring Kit, Gift for Kids, Over 100Piece (Amazon Exclusive)

Coloring is a popular past time for most creative kids, which is why they would love getting this huge coloring kit. In addition to three packages of crayons, this big kit comes with markers, colored pencils, chalk, construction paper, and coloring pages.

Pottery Wheel

Cool Maker - Pottery Studio, Clay Pottery Wheel Craft Kit for Kids Age 6 and Up (Edition May Vary)

Give your favorite crafty kid the chance to sculpt, design, and paint their own pottery with this kid-friendly pottery wheel. This all-inclusive kit comes with clay, a paint brush, sculpting tools, paint, and a pottery wheel – everything they’ll need to creating something special.

Craft Supply Kit

Arts & Crafts Supply Center Complete with 20 Filled Drawers of Craft Materials

Crafty kids can never have enough arts and crafts supplies. And with this big kit, they’re sure to have everything they need for their next project – from googly eyes to pipe cleaners – all in one handy place.

Pop Stick Art Kit

ALEX Toys Little Hands Pop Stick Art Craft Kit

Younger creative kids may need a little guidance with their craft projects. With this pop stick art kit, younger kids can create seven different projects, including animals and flowers.

Emoji Bracelet Kit

Creativity for Kids Emoji Bracelets - Emojis for Kids - Makes 5 Emoji Bead Bracelets

Do you have a crafty tween on your list? This emoji bracelet kit is perfect! It’s a fun craft activity they can wear when they’re finished making it. What could be better than that?

Woodland Animal Sewing Kit

CraftLab Sewing Kits Woodland Animals Craft Educational Sewing Kit for 7 to 12 Age Kids

With five different pre-cut animal sewing projects, this cute woodland animal sewing kit will keep the crafty kid on your Christmas list busy for a while. And when they’re finished putting these adorable animals together, they can enjoy playing with them, too!

Creativity Can

Creativity for Kids The Big Creativity Can - Open Ended Fun, 100+ Craft Components

This fun craft kit is perfect for open-ended crafting. With more than 100 different craft components, including air-dry clay, feathers, and popsicle sticks, any creative kid on your list would enjoy getting crafty with a creativity can.

Learn How to Draw Book

How to Draw Unicorns, Mermaids and Other Magical Friends: A Step-by-Step Drawing and Activity Book for Kids to Learn to Draw Cute Stuff

Give your crafty kid the chance to learn how to draw with this fun book. From mermaids to unicorns, this cute book teaches kids how to draw a variety of magical creatures from scratch.

Travel Desk

KITTRICH EZ02-ADT100-12 EZDesk Travel Activity Kit, Laptop Style Desk with Writing and Craft Accessories, MDL. #T100, 11.18" x 13.39"

With this cool gift idea, your creative kid doesn’t have to stop their artistic endeavors when they’re on the go. Simply put this travel desk in the car, and they’ll be able to draw and color as they ride.

Art Supply Kit

Art and Craft Kit Supplies for Kids DIY Pipe Cleaners & Chenile Chenille Stems, 6"x6" Felt Fabric Sheet,Pom Poms, Wiggle Googly Eyes, Feather, Buttons, Rhinestones, Sequins

If you know a crafty kid who likes to add a little bling to their projects, this kit is for them. In addition to traditional kids crafting supplies, like feathers and pipe cleaner, this big kit also includes 300 rhinestones, 100 colorful buttons, and 1,000 colorful sequins – everything they need to add a little flash to all their craft projects.

Large Weaving Loom

Melissa & Doug Wooden Multi-Craft Weaving Loom (Arts & Crafts, Extra-Large Frame, Develops Creativity and Motor Skills, 16.5" H x 22.75" W x 9.5" L)

With this big weaving loom, your child can create amazing woven textiles and practice their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination at the same time. And the kid-friendly design of the loom, combined with the oversized needle, make it simple for your little one to create a variety of beautiful projects with ease.

Crochet Kit

4M Easy-to-do Crochet Kit - DIY Arts & Crafts Yarn Gift for Kids & Teens, Boys & Girls

Crocheting is another great craft that allows your child to hone in on their fine motor skills. And with this crochet kit, your creative kid will have everything they need to create a variety of crochet projects, including coasters, handbags, belts, or place mats.

I hope you found something from this list that the creative kid that you are shopping for will love.

Vickie Louise

Fun and Useful Gifts People Actually Want

When it comes to giving gifts, sometimes we can go in with the best intentions and the gift just doesn’t quite come out as we hoped.

We want to give people something they’ll actually use, but also make it fun and exciting for them to open.

Fun and Useful Gifts People Actually Want

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This year, I took it upon myself to track down a list of the most fun and useful gifts that people would actually want.

KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield, 5-Quart, Empire Red

Standing Mixer

My Critter Catcher - Spider & Insect Catcher

Critter Catcher

Brother P-touch, PTM95, Handy Label Maker, 9 Type Styles, 8 Deco Mode Patterns, White

Label Maker

iRobot Roomba 652 Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba

SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker Bundle Kit, with 130 Liter CO2 Cylinder, Carbonating Bottles, and Fruit Drops


Crock-Pot SCCPLC200-R 20-Ounce Lunch Crock Food Warmer, Red

Mini Crock Pot

Diptyque Eucalyptus Candle

Eucalyptus Candle

Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer (5569)

Mug Warmer

Takeya 10310 Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker with Airtight Lid & Silicone Handle, 1 Quart, Black-Made in USA BPA-Free Dishwasher-Safe

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray, One or Two Person Bath and Bed Tray, Bonus Free Soap Holder (Natural Bamboo Color)

Bath Tub Caddy Tray

RSVP White Marble Cheese Board & Knife

Marble Cheese Board

Oder Eliminator Stainless Steel Soap Bar Eliminates Garlic, onion, fish smell with tray

Stainless Steel Soap Bar

OXO Good Grips Pop-Up Cookbook Holder

Cookbook Holder

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker: 6 Egg Capacity Electric Egg Cooker for Hard Boiled Eggs, Poached Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, or Omelets with Auto Shut Off Feature - Black

Egg Cooker

Instant Pot Duo Mini 3 Qt 7-in-1 Multi- Use Programmable Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Maker and Warmer

Mini Instant Pot

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12 Super Healthy and Easy Christmas Dishes You Will Love

Healthy and Easy Christmas Dishes – do yourself a favor and check out these delicious Christmas ideas that are both easy & healthy.

Christmas is coming and you are going to want to treat yourself, but without putting on pounds that you are going to want to shift once the new year rolls around.

Down below I’ve listed some great recipes that’ll taste great but won’t cause you to need to shed the weight come January.

Check out these Christmas dishes that your family & friends will love. There are main courses, side dishes, desserts & more!

Main Courses & Side Dishes

An easy Christmas honey glazed ham in the Slow Cooker. Use your crockpot to make hosting a holiday EASY! Your crockpot keeps it moist and tender, Perfect for dinner on a weeknight too. So EASY and so DELICIOUS. (from The Kitchn)

This garlic and herb butternut squash is such an easy and flavorful side dish to add to your Christmas menu. Naturally vegan, paleo and gluten-free. What’s great about this is that it can be made entirely on the stove-top so it won’t have to jockey for space in the oven. (from Healthy Seasonal Recipes)

Maple Balsamic Brussels Sprouts and Cranberries recipe. Great for a healthy Christmas side dish. This is the best crispy, oven-roasted sprouts recipe with maple syrup, plus it is vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free. (from Running In A Skirt)

There is nothing better in my book than a simple one-pan baked chicken. That’s why I love this comforting Mediterranean recipe for garlic rosemary chicken with cranberries. A flavor-packed special dinner with so little effort! (from The Mediterranean Dish)

Carbs can be damned, you can’t beat these roast potatoes. This recipe gives you the ticket to being the most popular hostess on the block – perfect rosemary and lemon baby roast potatoes – every time! (from Just Easy Recipes)

Carrots are tossed in a sweet honey and herb sauce for this quick and easy side dish recipe. This easy recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and has over 500% of your Vitamin A daily requirement! (from Evolving Table)

An essential side dish to your Christmas dinner and these sticky and sweet parsnips are so easy to make. (from Nutritionist Meets Chef)

The combination of savory meat, aromatic herbs, and sweet and tangy fruit in this stuffed pork is incredible and it’s so easy to make and quick to prepare. (from Just A Pinch Recipes)


This easy recipe tastes so fancy and with only 4 ingredients & 21 calories! (from Amy’s Healthy Baking)

A deliciously healthy holiday dessert recipe! But it would also make a healthy breakfast or a great side for brunch. A nutritious dish to add to your Christmas menu. (from Cotter Crunch)

They’re the BEST I’ve ever had! And my friends and family completely agree! Sweet, buttery, absolutely irresistible… And only 46 calories! (from Amy’s Healthy Baking)

These gluten-free and refined sugar-free salted caramel fudgy paleo brownies are super fudgy and have the perfect balance of salty and sweet! This healthy paleo brownie recipe is sure to become a firm Christmas dessert favorite. (from Evolving Table)

Have you started planning what you’re going to eat over Christmas? These are some great recipes to take note of. They’re all super simple, healthy, and great tasting! So why not give them a try!

21+ Awesome Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Decorations to DIY

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Decorations – Cute, fun and rustic DIY farmhouse decorations that will get you in the mood for Christmas and bring some Christmas cheer to your home!

The holidays are a LOT of fun, but the cost of gifts, food, parties, and decorations can really add up and get really expensive.

But, there really is no better way to get in the spirit of Christmas than to decorate your home for the holidays.

Farmhouse Christmas Decorations Made Easy

I love decorating for the holidays, but I hate the idea of spending a small fortune to make my home look nice. Farmhouse Christmas ornaments can be expensive and most of us can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on ornaments.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make your home look festive and amazing with a little vision and some DIY!

This is why I rounded up my all-time favorite DIY farmhouse Christmas ornaments you can make yourself.

Make a cup of hot cocoa, round up the kids and try your hand at making these DIY rustic farmhouse style Christmas decorations!

More Christmas Decoration Ideas…

21+ DIY Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Decorations

rustic wood snowflake ornament

Rustic Wood Snowflake Ornament DIY

DIY Christmas Countdown Clock

DIY Homespun Fabric Christmas Ornament – 4 Tutorials

DIY Homespun Fabric Christmas Ornament – 4 Different Tutorials

DIY Snow Covered Pinecones

Spice Filled Ornaments DIY

Spice Filled Ornaments DIY

Rustic Farmhouse Wreath

Deck the Halls Christmas Entry

Rustic Wood Candle Holders

Old Fashioned Cinnamon Ornaments

Old Fashioned Cinnamon Ornaments

Rustic Burlap Sign

Rustic Felt Christmas Trees

Scandinavian Tomte Christmas Elf Ornament Tutorial

DIY Rustic Pine Planter

Cone Topiary Trees

DIY Snow Globe Jars

Burlap Christmas Wreath

Baking Soda Christmas Ornaments

Baking Soda Christmas Ornaments

Mason Jar Lid Christmas Wreath Ornament Craft

Mason Jar Lid Christmas Wreath Ornament Craft

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Angel

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Angel

Rustic Christmas Centerpiece

Homemade Burnt Wood Ornament

Homemade Burnt Wood Ornament

Gingerbread House Christmas Ornament Tutorial
Wood Stained Christmas Star Panel

Wood Stained Christmas Star Panel

DIY Cork Nutcracker

DIY Cork Nutcracker 

There you have it!

Merry Christmas my friends! 


60+ Festive Christmas Desserts

Festive Christmas Desserts – Impress your guests with these festive Christmas desserts. There are ideas for cupcakes, cookies, fudge, brownies, cakes and much more! 

The Christmas table should be generously filled with the most delicious foods. And these festive Christmas desserts are among the most delicious I could find!

C’mon, if we’re going to gain a few pounds during the festive season it certainly should be indulging in some decadent sweet treats.

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 Amazing Christmas Desserts

Whip up something festive and tasty this year with these delicious Christmas desserts! All of these awesome Christmas desserts are (ALMOST) too pretty to eat…


Fudge Christmas Trees from Hungry Happenings

Christmas Funfetti Cake Batter Truffles From Lauren’s Latest

 Fruit Mince Pies with Homemade Mince Pie Filling from Where is my spoon 

Eggnog Icebox Cake from Chicken Scratch NY

Vegan Candy Meringue Kisses from Wallflower Kitchen

Pistachio And Pomegranate Frozen Yogurt Bark from Recipes From A Pantry

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Tree From Home Stories A to Z

Easy Chocolate Christmas Fudge Recipe from Tweenhood

Melted Snowman Chocolate Bark From Princess Pinky Girl

Saltine Toffee From Suburban Simplicity

Christmas Tree Brownies from One Little Project

Christmas Vanilla Roll Cake From A Treat’s Affair

Cathedral Windows Recipe from Wondermom Wannabe

Pomegranate And Kiwi Crown Pavlova from Baking Queen 74

Pecan Pie Bars from Rock Recipes

Christmas Lasagna from OMG Chocolate Desserts

Gluten-Free Vegan Strawberry Trifle from Rhians Recipes

Instant Pot White Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake from Simply Happy Foodie

Matcha (Green Tea) Truffles from Oh How Civilized

Reindeer Gingerbread Cookies from Eating Richly

Easy Eggnog Panna Cotta with Pistachio Toffee Crunch from Fearless Dining

Italian Ricotta Cookies from Cooking Classy

Cheat’s Danish Apple Cake (Gammeldags Æblekage) from Fab Food 4 All

Homemade Vegan Peppermint Bark from Strength And Sunshine

Eggnog Cheesecake from Baking Beauty

Peppermint Bark Ice Cream from Pink Fortitude

Christmas Bundt Cake from Balancing Motherhood

Rice Pudding With Golden Raisins from The Forked Spoon

Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Christmas Dream Bars from My Gluten-Free Kitchen

Gluten-Free Maple Butter Tarts from Faithfully Gluten Free

Nanaimo Bars from Earth Food And Fire

Christmas Magic Bars from Hungry Happenings

15-Minute Pomegranate Parfaits with Pistachios from Happy Kitchen.Rocks

Grand Marnier Cheesecake With Chocolate Glaze from Food Meanderings

Easy Whipped Shortbread Cookies Recipe from Confessions of A Mommyaholic

Hidden Chocolate Brownies from Beach Hut Cook

Chewy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies from Mama Smiles

Frittelle: Traditional Italian Christmas Eve Doughnuts from Christina’s Cucina

Grinch Popcorn {Gluten-Free} from Recipes From A Pantry

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe from Mama Smiles

Chocolate Orange Cherry Brownie Truffles Recipe from Confessions of a Mommyaholic 

Eggnog Bread Pudding from Simply Stacie

Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake from Chocolate With Grace

Candy Cane Chocolate Cups filled with Peppermint Mousse from Hungry Happenings

No-Bake Christmas Pudding from Lights, Camera, Bake

Eggnog Cupcakes from Baking Beauty

Easy Christmas Cookies – One Dough, Three Different Cookies from Common Sense Home

Gingerbread Lime Bars from Food Meanderings

Chocolate Covered Cherry Mice from Wondermom Wannabe

Gluten-Free Eggnog Pie from My Gluten-Free Kitchen

The Ultimate Vegan Christmas Pudding from A Virtual Vegan

Blueberry Pavlova from Earth Food And Fire

Frosted Gingerbread Spice Cake from Who Needs A Cape

Leftover Sprinkles Christmas Cupcakes from Down Redbud Drive

Eggnog Fudge from Baking Beauty

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Bread Pudding from Recipes From A Pantry

No Bake Yule Log Cake Recipe from Eating Richly

Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Orange Cake from Rhian’s Recipes

Decadent Keto Red Velvet Cheesecake Swirled Brownies from Fit to Serve Group

Orange Ricotta Tarts With Chunky Cranberry Sauce from Berry & Maple

Brown Butter Cranberry Hazelnut Tart from Foodal

Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies from Dancing Through The Rain

Cranberry and Toasted Pecan Crostata from This Is How I Cook

Fresh Cranberry Cake Recipe: Cranberry Sour Cream Bundt Cake from Mom Foodie

Peppermint Chocolate Christmas Cookies from Lights, Camera, Bake

Lemon Cookies Recipe from Mama Smiles

Butter Tart Bundt Cake With Brown Butter & Maple Glaze from Food Meanderings

Persimmon Pumpkin Pudding Cake from The Forked Spoon

Spiced Marmalade And Bourbon Ice Cream from Beach Hut Cook

Homemade Christmas Gumdrops from Mom on Timeout

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Top 10 Budget-Friendly Christmas Traditions To Start This Year

Put Christmas gifts on one hand and Christmas traditions on the other and you have yourself one of the most fun times of the year. Christmas traditions by far are the best activities that ever happen during the festive season and the reason is simple.

They present an opportunity for creating long-lasting memories of joy and happiness.

Unfortunately, just like Christmas gifts, Christmas traditions have taken a commercial turn and there is hardly anything you and your loved ones can do without spending lots of cash.

The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank every end of the year.

We have 10 Christmas traditions that are either free or very affordable.

1. Have a Christmas movie night

There is always that magical feeling of watching a Christmas movie with family and friends. You might be repeating a movie or enjoying a new one. The simple act of being with friends and family while you enjoy a good Christmas movie is a great tradition that will cost almost nothing.

2. Counting down with an advent calendar

You and the kids can work on creating an advent calendar and countdown to the days before Christmas. It is usually an exciting time for kids and you can save some money in the process.

3. Gift exchange as a Christmas tradition

You can take your kids to a thrift shop or a dollar store and have them pick a gift which they will later exchange with their siblings. The goal here is to establish a tradition of giving and sharing.

4. Sleepover at the Christmas tree

Without a doubt, the kids will love this.  You can plan to set up a sleepover for the whole family around the Christmas tree. Create variations that surprise the kids on Christmas Eve to make it exciting.

5. Sending letters to friends, loved ones and of course Santa

Although we live in a digital world where messages are sent through texts, it would be nice to teach the kids how to write and send a letter to friends, loved ones and Santa, wouldn’t it? You can even come up with a deadline that your kids will have to adhere to if their gifts are to be received in time.

6. Attend a Christmas play

No matter where you decide to spend your Christmas you can be sure there will be a community play, concert or parade in your locality. Since they are usually free events, you can take the kids along and have a good time.

7. Bake a cake for Jesus

Since it’s all about the birth of Christ, how about you gather everyone, and assign roles as you work together to bake Jesus a cake? You can keep the cake and serve it on New Year’s Eve.

8. Do volunteer work as a family

This is another brilliant way of creating a tradition of service in your family. The only difference this time is that you will be doing it with other people. Christmas is, after all, a time of sharing the love. You and your family can volunteer and help fill food baskets for your local community or church.

9. Create simple decorations

You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg just to show you love each other. A simple tradition of creating homemade ornaments that can be gifts for one another is a great way to spend the festive season. You can use colors, legos or other items around the house to do this.

10. Check out local Christmas decorations

Most towns prepare for Christmas in a big way. You can become part of the spectacle by taking the kids to enjoy the fireworks, the lights and the decorations without spending a lot of money.

Rustic DIY Snow Globe Ornament

This simple DIY Christmas ornament is a water-free snow globe that’s perfect for a farmhouse Christmas tree.

Snow globes are such a popular way to decorate for the holidays. And they look amazing hanging on your Christmas tree, too.

With this simple craft, you can quickly create your own water-free snow globe ornaments to decorate your tree. And since these farmhouse style show globe ornaments don’t have liquid inside, you can hang them from year to year without worrying about messy leaks!

How to Make Snow Globe Ornaments

Typically, snow globes are made with a liquid inside to help the snow look like it’s floating inside the globe. But creating a snow globe ornament using liquid can be difficult and messy.

I found these cute blank snow globe ornaments at the Dollar Tree, and I knew I had to turn them into farmhouse style snow globes. But since the top on these cute ornaments isn’t water-tight, there was no way I could make them into traditional snow globes.

Luckily, this easy water-free snow globe craft doesn’t need liquid to look amazing. And you can still get a snowy effect when you shake it!

Set the Scene in Your Snow Globe Ornament

The first step to making this rustic snow globe ornament is to set the winter scene inside the ornament. To make my winter forest scene, I used a cotton ball for the snow and some mini winter trees. And to put it all together, I used my handy hot glue gun.

First, remove the bottom from your snow globe ornament and set the top aside. The bottom of the snow globe ornament will be the base for the winter scene inside. Start by gluing your cotton ball on the bottom of the lid to resemble a blanket of snow on the ground.

To make the cotton ball look like snow, pull the cotton ball apart a little bit to spread it out. Add a few drops of glue to the inside of the lid and spread the cotton ball all over the area. After gluing the cotton ball into place and fluff it with your fingers.

After waiting for the glue to dry on your cotton ball snow, it’s time to add the trees.

To ensure your trees stand up straight, I recommend spreading the cotton ball out until you see a clear spot of the lid. Place a drop of glue on the bottom of your tree and glue it to the lid. Keep adding trees like this until your winter forest scene is finished.

Make sure your lid is completely covered with cotton ball snow by fluffing the snow one more time and covering the bare spots before moving on to the next step.

Add the Snow to Your Snow Globe Ornament

When you’re happy with the look of your forest scene inside your snow globe, it’s time to add the snow! Give the glue time to dry on your winter scene by setting it aside for a few minutes.

Take a second to make sure the top hanger on your ornament is secure, then spoon a small amount of glittery snow inside the globe. My snow globe ornaments have around three scoops of snow inside but add more or less to suit your needs.

Double-check to make sure the glue is dry on your winter forest scene inside your snow globe lid. Then, carefully screw the lid into place on your snow globe.

Give the globe a quick shake to stir the snow.

Decorate Your Snow Globe

While you could finish your snow globe craft here, if you want a more rustic look to your ornament then keep reading!

To add a rustic touch to your snow globe ornament, add a little bit of burlap and twine. Start by gluing burlap to the bottom of the snow globe to cover the plastic lid on the bottom and add a rustic touch to the snow globe.

Cut two small squares of burlap to cover the bottom lid of each ornament. Stagger the burlap pieces, then attach them to the bottom of the ornament with glue. Add some hot glue to the bottom of the ornament and secure the burlap in place there, then add a small amount of glue to the sides and secure the burlap there, too.

Finally, add a bow of twine around the burlap pieces to finish the decoration and secure the burlap in place.

Finish decorating your snow globe ornaments by cutting off the silver string from the top of your snow globe ornament and tying a small loop of jute twine to the top of the ornament to give it a farmhouse look.

I love how the glittery snow rests around the base of the trees inside this cute snow globe ornament. But when you want to see some snowfall around your forest trees, simply give the ornament a shake!


This simple DIY Christmas ornament is a water-free snow globe that’s perfect for a farmhouse Christmas tree.

  • Empty snow globe ornament from Dollar Tree
  • Cotton balls
  • Mini trees
  • Glitter snowflakes
  • Burlap
  • Jute twine
  • Hot glue gun
  1. Remove the lid from snow globe ornament.

  2. Glue cotton ball to the inside bottom of the lid. Glue three trees around the snow.

  3. Pour a small amount of glitter snowflakes inside the top of the snow globe ornament.

  4. When the glue is dry, carefully place the lid on the snow globe ornament.

  5. Cut two small squares from the burlap. Glue the burlap squares to the bottom of the ornament. Tie a piece of jute twine around the burlap to secure it in place and finish with a bow.

  6. Tie another piece of twine on the top of the ornament to hang it from the Christmas tree.

5 Common Homeschool Fears and How to Combat Them

Homeschool fears – we all have them at one point or another. 

Maybe you’re just now exploring homeschool as an option for your family, but you have some hesitation about diving in that’s keeping you stuck. 

Maybe you’ve been homeschooling for years and are suddenly riddled with doubts. 

As humans, it’s 100% natural to feel fear about things – especially big decisions like how to make sure your child gets a quality education. So, don’t feel bad about the fact that you’re worrying – it’s normal!

Just because worries, doubts, and fears are a normal part of being human (and parenting) doesn’t mean that you should allow those fears to take over or control your life.  Click To Tweet

Over the years that I’ve been homeschooling my children and sharing our journey online, I’ve had the chance to engage with hundreds – maybe even thousands of people who are in various stages of their homeschool journey. And, in that time, I’ve realized that there are definitely some fears that are more common than others.

Below, you will find 5 of the most common homeschool fears as well as my personal thoughts on how to combat them. 

“I’m not qualified to teach.”

This one is definitely high on the list of not only reasons why people are afraid to homeschool, but reasons why others (let’s call them naysayers and skeptics) will question your decision to homeschool. 

As a society (especially in America where the public school system is the status quo), we operate under the idea that only licensed teachers are qualified to teach. While I would never disparage the hard work that goes into becoming and practicing as a licensed teacher, I also think it’s sort of ridiculous that the assumption is that parents are somehow wholly incapable of teaching their children. 

As parents, we are able to not only teach what we know (including the things that most of us learned as products of the public school system) – we also have a VAST and seemingly never-ending database of information to teach the things that we either don’t know or have forgotten. That database? The internet!

The internet is full of blogs, websites, videos, images, printables, and even courses that we can use to teach our children. We can buy books, games, toys, manipulatives, and online homeschool curricula to aid us in making sure that our children receive a well-rounded education. 

In fact, with the internet at our fingertips, we can use tools and resources that a lot of schools won’t (or can’t) use. 

We also have to remember that in most states, it’s not even required for homeschool parents to have a college degree. So, before you get yourself worked up – do a bit of research into what YOUR state says about parent education qualifications. And remember that you have a great deal of educational materials that are only a click away. (P.S. There’s also always the library – one of my favorite places!)

“My kid won’t make friends and will be labeled weird.”

When people think of homeschoolers, they may think of a group of weird, unsocialized kids that don’t know how to make friends or deal with social situations. 

Usually, those people don’t know very many homeschoolers. 

If they did, then they would know that you can’t paint all homeschoolers with the same brush – just like you can’t do that with everyone in ANY group of people. 

Yes, some homeschoolers may be introverts or a bit socially awkward. And others may be social butterflies who have no problem fitting in wherever they go. 

It’s called personality! We all have one and yours is likely to be distinctly different than the people around you. 

Assuming that the way someone is educated is the sole basis of their personality or social skills is a bit naive. There are a lot of factors that come into play with those things. 

But, most importantly, the assumption that homeschoolers don’t even have opportunities to make friends or be social is 110% NOT TRUE. 

In fact, it could be argued that homeschoolers (because they are not required to spend 6-8 hours per day in a school building) actually have MORE opportunities to get out in the world, meet all kinds of different people, and pursue social activities that they enjoy. 

Between hanging with neighborhood kids, going to the park, attending community events, going to church, going on field trips, being part of homeschool co-ops, and participating in all kinds of extracurricular activities, homeschool life can be rich in social opportunities. It’s really up to each family what their social calendar looks like!

So, if you’re worried that your child needs more socialization – do some research on what is going on in your community (including your homeschool community) and make a point of participating in whatever resonates with your family.

“I can’t afford it.”

I see a lot of people stressing about how expensive homeschooling is. 

Yes, homeschooling CAN be expensive – if you’re trying to homeschool the way that someone else is. 

In reality, homeschooling is as affordable as you make it. 

Some people have big homeschool budgets, so they go all out when investing in materials, curricula, and social activities. 

Some people have smaller budgets, so they focus on investing in the basics and using free resources to fill in the gaps. 

There are even people who homeschool 100% for FREE by using online resources, checking things out from their library, attending free educational events, enrolling in free extracurricular activities, and snagging free homeschool materials whenever possible. 

There is no set homeschool list that you have to follow when investing in your child’s education. You just have to know YOUR budget and then do your due diligence to find the materials that fit that budget.  Click To Tweet

“I don’t know what I’m doing.”

For some reason, a lot of seem to think that people who have been homeschooling for years have ALWAYS known exactly what to do and how to do it. 


I can guarantee you that most of us had no clue what we were doing when we got started. We knew why we wanted to homeschool and we figured it out from there. We did a lot of research. We (if we were lucky) talked to people who were already homeschooling their kids to get advice. We tried things out, made mistakes, and learned from them. 

These days, there are soooo many resources out there for people to learn about homeschooling and how to do it – whether your child is in pre-k or in high school. You just have to get out there and use those resources. 

Talk to homeschoolers you know and ask questions. 

Join homeschool groups and ask questions. 

Read homeschool blogs and magazines. 

Watch videos on Youtube about homeschooling.

Become active in your local homeschool community. 

As Zig Ziglar would say, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”. 

Or, if you need some advice that hits closer to home, imagine what you would tell your child if they were starting a new sport and wanted to give up before they started just because they don’t know how to play yet. You’d probably tell them that they will learn how to play and will get better by actually getting out there and doing it. Take your own advice, my friend!

“I’ll get in trouble for homeschooling” 

While I don’t see this fear as much as I see the others, I do hear a lot about friends and family telling homeschoolers they will get in trouble. Even going so far as to say that Child Protective Services or the police need to be called because homeschooling is the equivalent of neglect. 

Let me assure you that homeschooling is, in fact, legal in all 50 states of the USA. There is not a single state where it’s not allowed.  Click To Tweet

You shouldn’t live in fear that the mere decision to homeschool your children is enough to get you handcuffed and thrown under the jail. 

However, it is important to note that each state does have its own set of laws and regulations regarding homeschooling. Some states are fairly relaxed, only requiring that you submit an intent to homeschool form by a certain date. Others are more strict, with regulations about parent education level, curriculum requirements, testing, and more.

You should make time to not only learn about the homeschool laws in your state, but that you stay up to date on them each year. 

One resource that is highly recommended is the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). Since 1983, they have taken on the task of providing legal defense for homeschoolers who need it (for about the cost of one hour of consulting with an attorney). They are also a vast resource of information. On their website, you can learn about homeschool laws in your state, homeschooling your kids, homeschool support groups in your area, homeschool news,  and so much more!

Remember, you’re not alone!

While there were only 850,000 homeschool students in the U.S. back in 1999, the past 20 years has seen that number growing steadily. There are well over 2.3 million homeschoolers just in the U.S. That means there are a LOT of homeschool parents out there making it work. All of us have struggled with one thing or another in our journey and many of us have shared about those struggles (and how we overcame them). You just have to be willing to reach out and learn. 

Get connected with your fellow homeschool families – both virtually and in person. We’re a huge community of people all set on a similar goal – to provide our children with a wonderful education. 

I hope that this has helped to alleviate some of your worries and set on a path towards homeschooling with both joy and confidence. 

21 Creative Christmas Tree Ornaments

21 Creative Christmas Tree Ornaments – Glam up your tree this Christmas with these easy to make DIY Christmas Ornaments that would make the perfect addition to any tree.

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To get the full tutorial, click on the link beneath each image.

3D Deer Head Ornament from Cherished Bliss

Bark Christmas Ornaments from Rain or Shine Mamma

Chalk Paint Ornaments from Easy Peasy Fun

Charming Tart Tin Ornament from Design Dazzle

Clay Nature Christmas Ornaments from Mother Natured

Cork Gingerbread Man Ornament from Red Ted Art

Cross Stitch DIY Christmas Ornament from DIY Candy

Cute Gingerbread House from Artsy Momma

Hand Lettered Ornament from Ruffles and Rain Boots

Homemade Cinnamon Ornament from Strength & Sunshine

Jingle Bells Christmas Ornaments from The Crafting chicks

Mason Jar Lid Snowy Scene from Sugar Bee Crafts

Mini Birdhouse Christmas Village Ornaments from Shrimp Salad Circus

Monogrammed Christmas Ornament from Abby Lawson

Rae Dunn Inspired Christmas Ornaments from DIY Beautify

Reverse Canvas Ornament from Mom Envy

Rustic Glitter Ornament from Mod Podge Rocks

Stamped Clay Ornaments from Kleinworth & Co.

Unicorn Ornaments from The Best Ideas for Kids

Vintage Style Ornament from The Scrap Shoppe Blog

Wood Slice Deer Ornament from Our Crafty Mom

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40+ Fun DIY Christmas Gifts Your Friends and Family Will Love!

DIY Christmas gifts are fun to make & your friends will love to receive them too! Plus, It’s so much more special when you know someone has taken the time to create a meaningful homemade Christmas gift just for you.

Easy Handmade Gifts

If you love getting your craft supplies out, then you’re going to love the handmade gift ideas I’ve found for you today!

They range from the super quick and easy homemade Christmas gifts that you can put together in less than 30 minutes, to easy gifts that are super yummy!

40+ DIY Christmas Gifts Your Friends and Family Will Love!

Each project listed here was created by a fabulous blogger who has taken the time to share their awesome ideas with us… if you see a handmade gift idea you like, visit the full tutorial, and click on the link beneath each image.

A BFF Bible with Verses from Mommy Moment

Besties Mug from Sugar Bee Crafts

Christmas Hand Towels from Mom Envy

Christmas Hat and Scarf DIY Wine Stopper from Lydi Out Loud

Christmas Mug from Design Dazzle

Christmas Stovetop Potpourri from The Crafting Chicks

Christmas Village DIY Eos Gift Kit from Mod Podge Rocks

DIY Marbled Mugs With Nail Polish from DIY Candy

Easy Peppermint Foot Soak from Suburban Simplicity

Glitter Monogram Mason Jars from Addicted to DIY

Gold Faux Leather DIY Earbud Holder from Simply Designing

Embossed Metal DIY Earrings from DIY Candy

Macrame Spiral Bracelet from Craftify My Love

Mini Frame Fridge Magnets from Sugar Bee Crafts

Monogrammed Lotion Pump from The Creativity Exchange

Painted Wooden Utensils and Cutting Board from Pink Peppermint Design

Peppermint Sugar Scrub from Mommy Musings

Personalized Makeup Bag from Brooklyn Berry Designs

Relaxing Heat/Cooling Pad from The Crafting Chicks

Sangria & Succulents Gift Basket Idea from Must Have Mom

Snow Globe Gumball Machine from Bless’er House

Homemade Buttermilk Syrup from See Vanessa Craft

Oreo Peppermint Bark from A Pumpkin & A Princess

Santa and Elf Treat Gifts from Non Toy Gifts

Wishing you a Crafty Christmas from The Crafting Chicks

Christmas Morning Survival Kit from My Life and Kids

Muffin Jar Recipe from Skip to my Lou

Candy Terrarium from No Time for Flash Cards

Redbox Christmas Gift from What Mommy Does

Mistle Toes Gift from The Crafting Chicks

Stovetop Potpourri from Big Bears Wife

Warm and Merry Neighbor Gift from DIY Candy

Peppermint Brownie Mix from Skip to my Lou

Christmas Treats in a Can from Somewhat Simple

Easy Christmas Ornament from No Time For Flash Cards

Fudge Dipped Crescent Cookies from Cooking with Carlee

Cinnamon Pancake Shake and Pour Mix from Skip to my Lou

Oatmeal M&M Cookie Mix from The Crafting Chicks

Flavored Butter and Fresh Bread Mix from A Mom’s Take

Staching through the Snow Gift from The Crafting Chicks

White Chocolate Pretzels from Cincy Shopper

Before You Go…

Remember that spending money on Christmas gifts doesn’t necessarily make them special…

In fact, DIY Christmas gifts like the ones here are the answer when you want to give meaningful gifts that your friends & family will love… without spending a fortune!

You can even make your Christmas extra special this year by making your own fun and festive Christmas wreaths or sprucing up your tree with these gorgeous handmade rustic Christmas ornaments!

No matter what gifts you decide to make this year, I’m sure your friends & family are going to love them! And YOU for the extra effort!

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